Sunday, September 9, 2012

In Case of Zombies

Last night during dinner the kids had a planning session in case of the zombie apocalypse, what would they do?
Roger: We need a distraction, it will slow them down.
John: I know we will let the dog out at them!
Husband: That won't save you the dumb dog will just bark at them.
Lucy: OK we will feed them something what do zombies eat?
Roger: Brains
John: Feed em Lucy?
Roger: no shes too little we might need her to get in small places to save us.
Porkchop: Dad?
Roger: no he cooks gotta keep him. I know MOM! We will feed the zombies mom
Me: WHAT? Why do I gotta be the zombie food?
Roger: because the book says so (really he has references for this stuff.)

Now they did take it back when they asked for dessert and I said No your planning on feeding me to the zombies. They still say the book says to do it. Thanks Max Brooks, when I get served to the zombies I'm blaming you.

Where in this book does it say feed zombies your mom?

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