Monday, November 4, 2013

Pitfalls of Writing

Writing is really good for a lot of people. It has a lot of benefits  Such as getting feelings out, sending a message when you cannot talk, documenting purposes, etc.

There are also some pitfalls.  One of the biggest ones is tone. It's hard to get the tone across a lot of times. This is typically where issues come up. Person A writes something and it is like their baby. They are protective of it. Person B makes a comment, sometimes the differing point of view not intending to attack but person A takes it as a attack. The other thing that happens is person c comes along, reads persons a's writing and complelty reads it wrong and feels attacked or put down themselves.  World war three breaks out online because of a simple misunderstanding somewhere.  Next thing you know all three people are accusing each other of attacking.

In most of these cases if the same interactions had happened face to face the issues would not happen. When someone writes something they are subject to their readers moods and interpretation. Sometimes we get it right and it comes across great. Sometimes though things we write just snowball into huge issues that should have never happened.  Readers may not understand the moods and issues going on in the writers life so they may read it wrong.

Someone writing something snarky and sarcastic can be seen as being rude and bitchy even though they were trying to be funny.  Or someone writes something meaning to be really serious and it's taken as a joke.

When you write doesn't matter if it is a blog, email, book, or article; you set yourself up for public comment. People are not all going to see your work how you intended it to be seen. They will not agree with you all the time. Sometimes they just won't like it. That's life. They may comment just out of frustration over things that don't even apply to you or your writting. You just get to be the lucky one they lash out on.  Not all comments will be 100% on your side. You can do one of two things when it is the opposite opinion, start a discussion or go on the attack.

By no means do I think anyone should just sit back and take the abuse. Really there are some really abusive people out there who get off on riling people up. I just mean that sometimes we need to step back and look at what is being said, who is saying it, and maybe ask questions rather than automatically go into defensive mode at attack back.

Now whoever comes up with tone fonts first will be a rich person. Someone get on that I need a sarcasm font.

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