Monday, May 19, 2014


When a child or venerable adult goes missing there are two responses. First that it is a tragic mistake. The second someone must be fired. Which response you get depends on the circumstances. Let me paint a picture for you.

It's a nice sunny day and a group of people are out enjoying the day. One of the group members wanders off. Everyone goes into search mode, police are called, etc. Sadly there is no good end to the story. The person was hit by a car as they tried to cross  the street.

Ok now what do you think? What would you say if I said it was a family reunion? That the person just slipped off. In a family situation we would all say it can happen in a blink of a eye. In just a split second and it is no ones fault.

Ok same situation but it is a school field trip. Maybe the side bent down to tie her shoe? Maybe another student called got her attention? In a split second that blink of a eye things can happen. The difference no one will give the side any sympathy. More often than not people will be demanding she is fired and faces criminal charges.

Why do we hold teachers, aides, therapists in this super human realm. They are not allowed to make mistakes. They cannot be human. They must be above human at all times. Sure there are many cases to many to count of just outright neglect and abuse but there are dome cases that it was human error. Not any worse than an error any one of us could make.

I guess all I am saying is let's put the pitchforks down. Let's work together. Let's get all the facts in a case before we burn people at the stake. After all we are all human.

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