Friday, October 7, 2011

Kate Middleton???

Neurotypical Mom has come up with an idea. Remember back in Princess Diana's day and how she had her causes well Kate Middelton is looking for one to.
Now I'm not suggesting she jump on board to the cause and cure train but why not the acceptance one. If you want to know how to send Kate a letter yourself visit Neurotypical Mom and find out how. She even has a template for you to use.

From: Neurotypical Mom's  Facebook

Dear all - great news! The National Autistic Society in the UK sent me a note and said that they were 'interested to see the letter to Kate Middleton and hope we get a positive result'! The email went on to say that 'they were sending a message to their press team so that they are aware of this effort'!! Congrats to all, let's keep it up!

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