Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Red Solo Cup

Last weekend I took Roger and a friend to Target.  When we were done there we went to Safeway.  Safeway on a weekend is nuts, to many people and many of them rude.  They always look at me like I'm nuts when I have all four kids with me.
Getting back to the story the two older boys basically were playing with anything they could find and just being teenagers.  As we were finishing up and going to the checkout line.  They spotted a stack of red solo cups.  This triggered both Roger and his friend to break into song with Toby Keith's Red Solo Cup song.  So not only did I have four kids with me in the store but two were singing.  Do I care? No not really they had fun and no one got hurt, well some peoples eardrums may have hurt from the off key singing but they will get over it right?

When I went to post Toby's video I saw (I had heard about it) there was a Glee version. I am not a fan of that show have never watched will never watch it. Really could they please leave this song alone. Just because it's popular does not mean we want to see it on Glee. Besides isn't Glee supposed to be a hs show why they singing about beer? Sorry for the rant.

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  1. Great song, the special guest in this song is awsome... I like that it was filmed to look like it was real party filmed on phone, lol kid gets pissed when he went though wall of solo cups