Tuesday, May 8, 2012

To The RUDE A$$ Guy Outside The Library!

This is a few days stewing and I finally got to a decent computer. Please excuse my ranting.
 On Saturday we went to the library. It was the bribe for getting the room clean which is a production in itself. Of course Roger was excited he was going to get new books. And you know what happens when we get excited.

Sir, if I can even call you that because your behavior was not that of a gentleman in any way shape or form. You saw my son get out of the truck OK he kinda fell out, yes his coordination is lacking. You saw him run across the street without looking, he has no fear and try as we might we just can't get him to realize the parking lot is dangerous. Yes he was a little loud and bouncy. I'm sorry if you felt your conversation was interrupted but really your standing outside a door is everyone supposed to shut up as they come in and out of the doors so you can hold a meeting. I think not.

You thought I didn't see what you did, or hear your words but I did. Tapping your friend to point out a child and to then make fun of him by mimicking his walk. I couldn't quite make out your words but I know they were not nice. You were taken back when I told you you were not worth the jail time.

I meant it you are not worth my time or effort, to tell you the truth any adult who will make fun of a child with intent to hurt is the lowest form of life there is. So think about that the next time you see someone especially a child who is having some difficulties. One day it could be your child. 
She Says it Best!!!

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  1. RUDE PEOPLE SUCK! Adults especiallly should know better!