Thursday, May 31, 2012

People Have Lost Their Minds

Did you see this one? If no I'll wait while you read it. 

Yep you read that right Autism One brought in a speaker to talk about the greatness of MMS otherwise known as bleach, and not only bleach industrial strength bleach which their speaker says is non-toxic and safe. She must be breathing in to many fumes. Don't believe me here is her powerpoint from the conference. 

Am I the only one that thinks this is insane? Do people really do this? By her lecture they do but why? What makes someone think oh I think I'll just bleach the autism out of my kid. WTF PEOPLE? I guess because it's called mms its OK. Think about this if a parent of a NT kid forced their child to ingest bleach or gave them a bleach enema there would be outrage, CPS would be called and charges would be brought. So why is it OK to give it to a child with autism and call it medicine. That makes zero sense.

Think about it we have all probably accidentally spilled household bleach on ourselves and it burns. Industrial bleach is used to strip tile, the people who use it take precautions when using it to avoid injury such as gloves, masks etc. So why would you give it to your kid to drink or a enema that's got to hurt and cause some serious damage to the body.

Here are a couple of cases that did draw public outrage,  In both these cases child abuse charges were filed against the parent. In the second case mom didn't force the kids to drink it she just stored it improperly (yes she should know better) and the kids drank it. Both cases involved NT kids. I wonder if the kid had autism and they called it medicine would their be the outcry there was.

I will just say it how stupid can you get? How desperate can you be to put your child in harms way? Really these parents should be charged with child abuse and any doctor recommending this should be charged as well. Anyone who is not a doctor that is prescribing this should be charged with practicing medicine without a license.


  1. Oh, it isn't bleach. It's just a chemical that makes bleach when mixed as directed! What is with people, that they are this deceptive and evil, to prey on parents who are desperate? What is with people, that they are this desperate and willfully ignorant as to give this to their children?

  2. I am disgusted right there with you. Did you see the petition Emily put out to stop it? I have it on my blog.....

    1. Fudge, I realized it's not on my blog but on my facebook page....just wanted to clarify. :)