Monday, June 11, 2012

Field Trip

Roger went on a field trip last week. They had a band competition in a neighboring state then they went to a amusement park. First off He had to be at school by 4:30am. They had a 3 hour drive to get to the competition. As we were driving there he was bouncing around a bit he said he was a little nervous because this was the longest field trip he has ever been on by himself (we didn't go).  He was dropped off and off they went.
I picked him up at school at 11:30pm that night. Of course I pull up and there are 9 buses and all the kids are dressed the same. Good thing the kids can pick their parents cars out because there is no way we could have found them otherwise.
I asked him how it was he said it was good but his partner wouldn't go on any of the rides. They picked their own partners and he picked M. Since M wouldn't go on anything they just stayed in the water park section of the park. He said at the end he did get to go on the ride he really wanted to because he switched partners. One kids partner did not want to ride the ride again so he stayed with M and Roger and the other kid hit the ride.
I asked why he didn't ride anything before that he said "Mr. B said we had to stay with our partner all day, not to separate."
me: Oh so why didn't M just wait near the ride for you to ride if he didn't want to.
 Roger: "Because Mr. B said we had to stay together"
Me: "he could have waited at the ride, you would have still been together. Then you can ride and he doesn't have to"
Roger: "oh, neither one of us thought of that, he said stay together so we stayed together."

End of story is even though they both took directions literally to mean stay together, they both had fun. Sometimes I forget how literal he can be and never thought to talk to him about what to do if he or his buddy didn't want to ride a ride.

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