Tuesday, August 14, 2012

All Cats By: Roger

**This is Rogers Review of All Cats Have Aspergers.  We checked this book out from our local library and the views presented are his views.****

What Roger says:  It basically says that people with Asperger syndrome are like cats. I HATE CATS!!!!!

What mom Says: Cute pictures, a lot of the stereotypical things are said such as likes to be close to people they love but not held by them. Attached to objects not people. Even though stereotypical examples are used they are used well by saying he may or its possible rather than he will and everyone with aspergers does. Overall I think it had a good message of acceptance in the end. Also one of the few I have seen that points out strengths as well.  Lucy liked the pictures, Roger is allergic to cats so that is where the I hate Cats comes from.

a youtube video of aspergerkid (his youtube name) reading the book. I do not know him just found the video.

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