Friday, February 8, 2013

Raising Cubby: Book Review

I received a advanced copy of Raising Cubby by: John Elder Robison through netgalley.  From the first page this book is great.  John knows how to suck you in from the start and who wouldn't be sucked in when the story starts in a federal courtroom and Cubby is facing major felony charges all because of what you soon find out is a over zealous prosecutor.

This is not just a story of raising Cubby but the story of a man becoming a father.  How he handles having a child and what happens when divorce enters their lives.  He makes up fairy tale stories for his son at bedtime, they battle invading rats in one home while waiting for the new one to be built.  There are many adventures for father and son. From the first page until the last you will be entertained.

There are plenty of twists and turns in the story.  From the Wondrous Dada who told his toddler imaginative stories to the ATF showing up at Cubby's college. It will also make you think twice about ordering things online.  Their trouble began when Cubby ordered perfectly legal chemistry equipment and the man who sold them to him searched him out, really to me sounded like the man stalked him and wanted some major recognition.  John explains how the local police overreacted to a kids chemistry lab.  One of my Favorite stories was how Cubby and John would go to a cul de sac and Cubby would run while John followed. Then one day a crazed Mother felt the need to scold John over it.  Now if you want to know more details of the stories or what happened in court your just going to have to buy the book.

I went to one of John's speaking engagements a  couple years back.  Of course he was awesome as always but he also teased us with this book.  What he teased became a reality.  He had said he was working on a book about his son, but that it would not be the normal doom and gloom parenting a child with autism book.  I have to say he delivered on this promise.  

You can visit John on facebook HERE.  You can also preorder his book which is due out in March from Amazon.

*The opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. I was not compensated in anyway for this review.*

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  1. I loved his other book, Look Me in the Eye. I look forward to reading this one too!!