Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Prescription Toothpaste, Lost Keys, Old Men, & Books Oh MY!!!

We had a crazy day yesterday. First off three of the four had dentist appointments. Sounds easy enough right. Ha Ha this day was going to take a act of congress to pull off. First off the dentist is a hour north and husband has to work. This is when a second car would be awesome but we don't have that option so on to plan B.  Luckily the house he was working on near the dentist so I could drive him to work and take kids to their appointment. Have I mentioned we live in a metro area that is known for awful traffic. SO the plan was made we would all get up early and get on the road.

This is a real Picture of our traffic.
6:30 am : We all get up and hit Wawa on the way out for breakfast. The kids like these sausage things wrapped in pancakes. Really where else can you feed four kids for $4. Then we hit the highway and there they are the brake lights. This is going to be fun. Radio is saying highway is backed up for miles. Great we are going to be late. Oh wait we have six people in the truck HOV it is. I love HOV we can drive past all the others stuck in the parking lot that is 395. We get husband to his first stop (boss man will give him a ride from there until end of day) and off to the dentist. Then we have the entire day to kill. No point in driving all the way home to turn around and come back.

9:00 am : Dentist went fine. Two of three kids have cavities (darn asthma meds). One of the filings the dentist says insurance wont pay for the filling but it needs to be done. Yay! I'll call insurance later and see if I can't get them to cover it. Did you know there is prescription toothpaste? Neither did I. But there is and now my kids have it. The boys teeth have been weakened by years of inhalers. Lucy just has weak teeth. This stuff is supposed to help give a little extra protection.

11:00 am : Dentist done call husband see where he's at and how it is going. He will be done at 4:30 pm. So we have five and a half hours to kill. Husband is on the way to the second job of the day. He comes to meet us at the bank to give me cash for lunch. While we were at the bank we ran in to see if Roger could put the cash he had on his prepaid card from the bank. Nope they can't do it. Oh well we all walk back to the truck and where are my keys. I can't find my keys. Go back in bank and there they are on the counter.
Keys 1 - Mom 0 (you might want to keep track of this.)

11:00 am : Roger has money and we need cereal. So off to Target. Kids can't eat yet so we wander around the store a bit. Roger finds what he wants and buys Lucy a present for her birthday.

11:45 am : We went to McDonalds for lunch. Seriously people see you come in McDonalds with four kids they look at you funny. Everyone got kids meals because they had minions for toys. We must have minions. Before we left they each get a ice cream cone because hey you can't beat 49 cent ice cream cones. Plus we still have time to kill. Alright time to go. Reach in purse. Where are my keys? Are you kidding me Where are they? Go up to the counter and ask has someone turned in a set of truck keys. She says yes then she wants me to describe my keys. Really? Describe my truck keys they are keys how many morons have lost their keys in McDonalds in the past hour. Lady your lucky I can describe my kids. I got the keys back with the description of they are keys. Think it's easy quick without looking describe your keys?
Keys 2 - Mom 0
Ice Cream and Minions

12:30 pm : Done with McDonalds crap four more hours to kill. Try to call a couple of friends they are busy. Alright then library it is. It's free and it is air conditioned. My kids love the library so killing a couple hours here is easy. At one point when we went to the restroom we saw that they had a book sale. Not only a book sale but a buy one get one free hardback fiction, and they had Stephen King.

I decided to look cause you know how we are with books in this house right? We don't say no. Back to my looking. The area they were in was small. Maybe the size of a large bathroom stall. There was a older gentleman there looking as well. He had just pointed out the sign to me. Guess buy one get one gets his attention too. Well I bent down to look at the bottom shelf and he stepped back. Next thing we knew he was going down, I was trying to get up and stop him. Somehow we both managed to somewhat stay on our feet. He laughed and said at least I feel on a cute girl. Good thing we didn't get hurt don't think I could explain to my wife, well I was at the library and I fell on this girl. I don't think she would buy that one. We finish up with no other events. I pay for the books we were buying $5 for seven books not bad. Go to the truck. Crap where are my keys. Yep I had pulled them out while I was paying and left them on the counter.

Keys 3 - Mom 0

2:30 pm : We leave the library and head to the park that is located at the end of the street that husband is working at. I did not know that it is one of the nature centers. Of course the kids want to go hiking on all the trails and um no mom had sandals and a skirt on. I promise that next time I will wear the right clothes and they settle for the playground. They spent the next two hours running around the playground. Just so I didn't lose the keys I left them in the truck.
These could be my keys. I don't know.

Final Score
Keys 3 - Mom 1

4:30 pm : We pick up husband and head home. Boss man laughed when I said everyone in your seats and said "everyone get in your assigned seats." Hey now he has four boys himself so he knows how it goes. HOV lane again and home. 

See we survived a whole day not knowing what to do just four kids and I. Guess what we are doing it again tomorrow. Kids want to see the fireworks show and the only way we can do it is if we go to work with husband.  This time I will dress appropriately since we plan on hitting the trails.  I will leave you with some pictures from the park.

We even take books to the park.

Monkey Girl

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