Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Fight

Ahh summertime apparently known as test moms patience. The attitude and disrespect are high in this house and mom has had it! First a little backstory:

John Got suspended three times at the end of the school year so I took away the beach trip in August from him. He knew this was a consequence before the third suspension. So no i did not just throw it on him after the fact. He was warned.

Then I decided if he completes the summer reading program at the library he can earn the trip back. Let's see mid July and he has read maybe a hr. There are 3000 to complete I was going to let him go at 2000 (didn't tell him) but he's not even trying so it's like crap I'm going to have to follow through with no beach trip.

Now we also have issues with John bullying the little kids. He says mean and nasty hints. Once he said I get to go to work with dad and you don't to Lucy. I overheard and he spen the day in his room was not allowed to go o work with dad. Did that stop it nope he just keeps going. I just don't know how to get it though his head. Nothing we do stops it. We ground him and he pulls the I want to go to my moms house. 

Then there are the video games. He is addicted to them. I let the kids play in the morning but at lunch time they are done. Well the other day I said no more games for the day. I left the room to clean up the bathroom I come out and there John is on the WII. Acting like he didn't know. I got mad and all he said was I'll just play them at my moms. 

Then today he is dropped off here so I can watch him while mom works. I told m no video games for you today. I leave the room I walk out and there he is controller in hand. I looked at him and said that's twice you have gone behind my back and done exactly what I said not to. His response well the little ones were playing. Well they are allowed they served out their punishment for not listening yesterday.  Common sense would tell one set the controller down, nope I walked away and he kept playing. 

Anything I say I am met with dirty looks and a smart mouth. His mom has told me whatever the punishment she wants to know so she can enforce it at her house as well. Even with both houses four parents standing together nothing is getting through this kids head.

Reall I fear for him when he hits middle school. With this bully attitude someone is going to hurt him. He is not dumb by any means he's in 7th grade math in 6th grade. I know he has a brain but he would rather be seen as the cool kid than the smart kid. I have even tried to tell him guess where all the cool kids who play stupid end up? Yeah losers while the smart kids have good lives. 

We are just lost with this one. He thinks he is going to be some big time gamer as an adult. Yeah that's just as likely as becoming a pro athlete. Sure have your dreams but have a backup just in case. 

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