Wednesday, September 4, 2013

This Years Goals

The kids are back in school. That means mom has some extra time during he day. I do have some goals for this school year in list form.

  • Take some classes. It's no secret I'm kind of a nerd. I have signed up for some classes through They are free classes taught by real schools and real teachers. I am taking a class on vaccines right now. I also have a writing and poetry class coming up. hey have a whole list and wide variety so whatever gets my interest I can sign up for and if I don't like it oh well no money lost.
  • Revamping the blog. I usually don't talk about myself much but there are things I struggle with. Things that people would think should be easy. Stuff like cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. I have found ways to get through these things.
  • Running. I want to do The Autism Societies 5k in October so I want to try. 
  • Write more. I have always played with the idea of writing a book. So maybe I will. See how that goes.
  • I was just recently appointed to my school boards special education advisory board. So I have that once a month. It may even help me get my foot back into the job force.
  • Find a job. We really need the money, I have been unemployed for five years. I have been looking but no luck. I am switching careers due to injury so I run into a lot of no experience. Why are you switching? You are Over qualified.
  • I have a few projects around the house. Dining table and Lucy's desk both need to be redone. 
  • Work on Lucy's dollhouse. She has a old school wooden one that needs updated. We need to go get some wallpaper and pant samples so we can fix it up. She can also use some new doll house furniture. 

That is a few to start with. So lets see what I get done. Do you have any goals for yourself this school year?

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