Thursday, October 10, 2013

When True Feelings Show

I wrote a post a while back called Ignored. You can read it Here.

There's been some things going on in the past few months that just to me defey logic. I just don't understand people. Really I don't. Since when is it OK to teach your kids hey it's ok that you committed to doing something but hey a better offer came up go ahead and cancel last min they can figure it out themselves.

A few months ago husband and I were envited to a wedding. Husband is in the wedding so we also need to be at the rehersal dinner. Ok months ago before he committed to being in the wedding we worked out the child care situation. Then we RSVPd you know like responsible people.  We didn't want to bail on them last minute you know.

We had planned to stay at someone's house all of us and they would watch the kids during the dinner and wedding. Less driving for us and it would work out for all. Well a week ago that plan fell apart. Husband got the uhhhh that's a busy weekend, dance around but basically backing out. Then we find out because you know Facebook. Someone else was comming into town and you know a better offer so ditch what I had agreed to do. No big deal if I leave them high and dry it doesn't affect me.

Of course that left us scrambling. We came up with a plan but it's not ideal. I will not be going to the rehersal dinner. We just couldn't work that aspect out and really when it comes down to it everyone would prefer I go to the wedding if they have to choose one. Husband will still go to the rehersal dinner as he is the cook.

I mean hey we worked it out no big deal but really we are tired of being second choice. Tired of being the afterthought. If you need someone and call we better jump and get it done now but I better not expect you to come off your high horse and help me. Since you are so much better than I.

At this point we are done. This was the last straw in a long list of things and we just can not do it any longer.

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