Thursday, February 27, 2014

Eligibility in High School

I have entered a whole new world at the High School. Eligibility. Eligibility is where they decide if you are eligible for special education services. This must be redone every three years. Sometimes everyone decides no further testing and you move on in the process. We were not so lucky.
During the three years since our initial eligibility we have moved school districts plus entered high school. So at our first meeting eligibility meeting it was said the school wanted to redo many of the tests that have already been done. This is partly because of the school district change and we have all of one round of testing for them to look at. So yes they need more information. We are not doing educational testing because it is not needed. We are also the only family that has a child in STAT academy with a IEP.
That's where things get fuzzy. It has already been said that they don't know how he will qualify again. The thing is while there is no issue with his grades right now all A'as and B's, if he loses services through the school he will lose the ability to use his iPad in class for schoolwork. If that is lost we will see a drop in grades. It is documented that since the implementation of the iPad his organization is better, work is getting turned in on time, and no more frustration with handwriting. You take it away and the frustration comes back, the behaviors gone back, everything.
This was just the first step. Next up is the actual eligibility meeting in May. Which will be good for another three years and will need to be done second semester of senior year.

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  1. Ah, the labyrinth. At the very least, share what you've contended here: he MUST have the iPad or else. And here's hoping you don't get tongue-tied...Arm yourself with all the information you can muster...and GOOD LUCK!!!! Love,