Monday, March 3, 2014

Disagreement vs. Bullying

A group of us noticed an increase in cyberbullying in the blogging community. Now we also noticed that what bullying is is very undefined. Disagree with someone oh your a bully. Call someone out on their behavior your a bully, call someone names bully, direct threats bully. We set up a flash blog to try and define this.  I will try to keep this one short.

Someone disagreeing with you is not bullying you. That is a difference of opinion. As long as they are not bring derogatory nope sorry not bullying. Example:

You say the sky is purple
Person A: says no it is not (not a bully)
Person B: not where I live (not a bully)
Person C: in my experience this is not true (not a bully)
Person D: not true posts article refuting your statement (not a bully)
Person E: you dumb ass can't you see the sky is orange. (Bully)
Person F: geeze can't you use proper grammar. (Bully)

Now you see there are many ways to disagree. Many times just disagreeing you will be called a bully, just because you do not agree. The real bullies are trashing the original poster in their responses. You can disagree but do not become derogatory or you are a bully. Do not attack with name calling. Do not be passive aggressive with grammar checks. Do not throw out statements you know will rile people up. That is all bullying. If you are doing it knock it off.

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