Thursday, February 6, 2014

Make The Call

There are situations in life that we end up being observers to. Sometimes we think I wish I could do something. I wish I could help. When it comes to even the thought someone may get hurt there is something you can do. Make a phone call.

If you hear screaming and yelling from the apartment upstairs, a friend says something that gets your attention, a perfect stranger posts something that just sets all your alarms off. Make the phone call. Pick up the phone and call the local police for whatever area the person is in. Doesn't matter if it's your neighbor or a friend across the country.

Yes you may be wrong, you may be overthinking everything but do it, it may save someone. You may be wrong. No harm is done. The police show up and do a welfare check, maybe it's just a normal marital fight. No one is hurt just a little heated. They check and go on their way.

What if it's not just a fight that got a little loud. You just turned the other way. It's none of your buisness. Then someone gets hurt. Or that friends posts that just doesn't seem right and they take their own life. That one phone call may have done something. Maybe not. Maybe the couple would lie and say everything's fine. Maybe the friend will say oh I'm fine. But you tried. You did something.

I have been that person in the apartment with the noise. No one called. No one did anything. They all ignored. They all figured someone else would call. No one ever did. I once even had someone tell me they heard everything but just figured if help was needed I would call myself. I look back at those times and think if just one person, one person had stepped out of their comfort zone and called the police on my behalf how much trauma could I have been saved.

I can promise you I am that person. I am the person that if I think you need you need help. I will make that call. There is no malice. I'm not out to get anyone in trouble or be a hero. I just don't want anyone to be in my place where they need that one person to call for help and no one does so help never comes.

So just remember if someone just seems out of sorts and your alarms are going off. Trust yourself. Make the call. Call a family member of the person, call for medical help, call the police if you have too. Just make a call. Sometime s the powers that be ignore one person asking for help but when others start asking on their behalf as well they have to listen.

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  1. Brava. I have been that person too, that CHILD, and that woman. Wish you'd been there and glad you will be for others! And will do the same.