Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Autism and Empathy

One of the things I constantly hear is people with autism cannot feel empathy. Lets get this straight this is crap. Just because they show emotions differently does not mean they do not have them. Case in point. My youngest porkchop was 1200 miles away visiting his dad when there was a car accident. Roger did not know the details just that the car rolled but his brother was fine and was with his grandparents and we would be picking him up that Saturday.
For the next week every time we went to the store he wanted to buy his brother presents because he was in an accident and didn't get hurt. This was his way of showing he cared. So the whole theory that people with autism don't care is junk.  Some just show it differently. Roger didn't know how to show it so he wanted to buy him stuff finally he settled on a hot wheels car but then he was concerned that the car may remind his brother of the accident. After what felt like ages of talking to him and telling him the car was fine he finally deiced to get it for him and could not wait to give it to him. We were not in the hotel for more than a minute and he was getting the car out of the suitcase and giving it to him.

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