Friday, July 8, 2011


Ok so I haven't been around for bit. Really I got nothing. Been busy with kids and my school. One thing that has driven me nuts and I'm sure I have probably written about it before is all these stupid studies that show some correlation to autism. I mean really what next, I'm sure we could all get together and do a study that shows if you drive a ford your child will be more likely to have autism. Sadly people would believe us.
I want this truck! No other reason for this pic.
The craziest article I read this week was someones take on a study. They said that this study made them more fearful of vaccines.  read it here. Really a study that didn't even look at vaccines made you more fearful. sounds like fear mongering to me.
When are we going to stop posting all these studies as news. Untill there is concreat evidence stop. There are at least 5 a day if not more posted on facebook that all it is is correlation not fact.
When it comes down to it I don't care what causes autism. Can we take all this money that is being spent on studies that are not finding anything and maybe find ways to help those with autism.

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