Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Lindsay Foundation

 While many of us may never need assistance such as they provide, we can still help those who do with just a click. Take a second and  VOTE. Visit them on Facebook and check them out. They have already done some amazing things. Just read about them

The following is directly off the Lindsay Foundation Facebook page:

Why I KEEP Asking!!!
by Laurie McMillan Hammond on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 at 11:17am

I don't normally do this, but then I realized how many new friends I have and how many may not know what The Lindsay Foundation is. So, just a brief explanation follows.

I am Lindsay's Mom!! I am the Founder of The Lindsay Foundation. And, I am passionate about it! I will cry; I will beg; I will do whatever it takes to see this succeed. I might even lose friends. But, I've been down that road, too. I lost some friends because I was no longer in a "normal situation" after my daughter was born.

Lindsay was my life...just as your children are your lives. I loved her, clothed her, fed her and provided for her for fifteen years. And then, God decided that He needed another angel...and My Lindsay was chosen. She was the sweetest, most loving child, a joy to have in my life!! And then, there were the doctors, the therapists, the therapy equipment. the walkers, the wheelchairs, the surgeries, the meds, the feeding pump, the home i.v. antibiotics, etc. You get the idea.

So you see....I am the Mom of a child with special needs. I've battled and fought and cried and felt the frustration of the difficulty of providing for my daughter. Now, I battle and fight and cry, oh and don't forget, beg over the Foundation that keeps her memory alive.

We don't pay for research. (Don't get me wrong; I do know how important that is.) The goal with The Lindsay Foundation was to provide a better quality of life for the children having to live with these disorders, while they're waiting on the cure. I know first-hand how difficult it can be to provide EVERYTHING that is needed. We cover all children; it doesn't matter what their diagnosis is, as long as it is considered long-term, catastrophic medical. We have provided wheelchairs, medical strollers, special seating systems, wheelchair lifts, supplies, such as catheters, syringes and therapies. We cover, physical, speech, aquatic and hippo therapies.

So, though it does get annoying sometime, please try to understand, that to me, this is very personal. I have actually lived the life of the parents that we are desperately trying to help. I know how difficult a road it is to travel. So, please, understand that these families live with these special circumstances for years. And bear with us for just another three weeks. And, if you feel led to join us, please vote daily to help us stay in 2nd. I would appreciate it and all the families that will be helped, will appreciate you. Please vote here:

Remember: YOU COULD BE THE WINNING VOTE!!!! Thank you...God bless and I BELIEVE!!!!!

Laurie McMillan-Hammond
Lindsay's Mom

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