Wednesday, August 17, 2011


It's a bad time of year for us.  Today is the 9 year anniversary of my cousins death.  He died at 24 in a mountain climbing accident.  The other details are not important.  The only one of my kids he meet was Roger and he was a big part of Rogers life for his first three years.  He kind of stepped in as a father figure when Rogers dad was not around.
Roger recently saw pictures of him and being that he was only three at the time I didn't think he would remember who he was based on a picture but he did.  He saw the pictures and said that's Jason, he hurt his head and can't come back. True. He used to take me to play real golf. True He took me to the zoo. Also True. He protects me now. True
Roger and Jason
 He still says I talk to Jason all the time. This has freaked some of his teachers out.  A preschooler off in a corner having a full conversation with someone who is not there, once they know it's not an imaginary friend and hes talking to a dead person. Freaks them out more today now that he is 12.  I've gone in his room and seen the same.  Though over the years it has become less frequent for him but I have noticed when he is really stressed out that is when this happens.When we were in a car accident last summer, he said Jason was there he kept me in my seat.
Do I think my child is talking to ghosts maybe, Whatever it is he gets comfort from it.  He has a friend that he knows he can say anything to and it will never be repeated.


  1. Wow.. I am crying now. Between your blog and that video. I am sorry for your lost. I think it is very cool that your son still has a relationship and a special guardian angel that helps him.

    My Jay was a twin. I lost the other baby when I was like 4 months PG. We never met him. One day when Jay was like 3 he started talking to someone who was not there. When I asked him who it was he said his brother, you know the one who was suppose to look like me but wasn't born. We had never told him at the time that he was a twin. I was freaked out a bit but after the immediate shock it gave me a sense of calm to know that my son was being looked out for. So yes I believe in angels. (Wow I have only told a few people this story!Until now! LOL)

  2. Being that I totally believe in the paranormal, I believe your son could really be speaking to him. Kids are more susceptible to the "other side" bc they aren't jaded like adults. Also kids with ASD are more clairvoyant about it as well.... I can see how some may be bothered by it, but I think its a wonderful comfort to know he is still there for your boy...whether in spirit, or in his heart :)