Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Porkchop Teaches His Sibilings

Sometimes it is the baby that teaches the older kids rather than the other way around.  For years Lucy never did the imaginary play, her idea of playing was carrying her doll around with her.  Porkchop changed that, he's always playing with his cars and making them interact with each other. She started by trying to copy him but now she plays with him.
He has taught all three older kids if you don't put your stuff away he will do it for you and it will never be found.  He is also one of the big motivators to get Roger to ride a bike. Roger never showed interest until his little brother was about to pass him up and he was going to ride the bike first.
I have been told that all this is to be expected. Since Porkchop does not have any DD he may pass his siblings but as he learns to do stuff so will they, that he will be the one not some therapist that will teach them. Not to say that the older ones do not teach him.

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Their Pretend Campfire

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