Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just an observation:

 People are always saying others do not know what to say to thoes of us that are part of the community. I think that's true but I also think there is a reason and the reason is us. Look around the community is so ready for a fight no matter how small the infraction we jump.  We fight over everything.

Someone posts a blog about being vaccine's or a treatment and the argument ensues. Can't we just read the opinion state ours (if we feel the need to) respectfully without blame. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Someone says "you should try xyz" and they are jumped on by whoever doesn't agree with xyz. They are just trying to help. They are not saying "You HAVE to do XYZ". Now if they word it like that to me I HAVE to do something yeah game on, no one has to do anything.But even the wording "You HAVE to" take a step back and look at the context. The you have to may be their was of saying you really should try. They still are not trying to tell you what to do.

Someone posts a picture that they think is funny and then someone else interprets and twists that the person posting is wrong and should know better. You know sometimes we just need to take a step back and look at the whole picture. Well just as one may think the picture is funny and one may think its offensive who knows maybe the person in the picture posted it themselves because wait for it they think it's funny too. Now being a person who has had pictures taken and used in a derogatory manner, I try not to use postings that have a picture of a person that can be taken as derogatory. I know how violated and angry you feel when and if you find out. I'll stick to cute little baby pics, cats, and drawings. That's just me though.

Yesterday on my facebook page I posted a video made by Cooyon Duhon. Nobody said anything but I did lose followers immediately following. I even felt the need to post a disclaimer "Just funny. Before anyone jumps on me hes not making fun of anyone but himself. But thanks to his little video I now want boudin (that stuff is like crack in this house) and the only person I know that knows how to make it is out of the country." He takes every stereotype of Cajun's and he made a character out of him. Husband was born and raised in South Louisiana and thinks the guy is hysterical.  I also know Cooyon makes and posts the video's himself.

We need to not be so sensitive. I know easier said than done. When someone says something to us that seems wrong, they more than likely did not mean to be offensive. Even the family member that says have your tried. In most cases (there are always exceptions) they are not trying to say you don't know what you are doing they are trying to be supportive and help in the only way they can think of. So lets not jump on them and say you have no idea, that's right they have no idea but hey they are trying to help in there way. Lets save the fight for the people and things that really do have the intent on being offensive and cruel.Besides it's a lot more fun when we all get along.

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