Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Redefined again and again

I wrote this last year for another site which has since gone an overhaul and all that good stuff:

It seems that as things change we are redefined in our roles as mothers throughout life. At 19 I was a teen mom followed by 7 years as a single mom (at 25 I had my second child) an ill fated marriage that lasted 1 year then I became a divorced single mom of 3 an dv survivor (I refuse to use the word victim because I left therefore I win) Another 3 years of being a single working mom of three. And through all this I was a full time student, now I am a graduate student. Then I was a married sahm that was a change trust me. Last year we added autism mom to the list Now I may be going back to work.

Went to an interview on Wednesday and the job is mine if I want it. Wanna know what it is cemetery sales, no I am not kidding. To do this I have to get daycare lined up for porkchop who is 4. The job is willing to work with me time wise so I don't have to put the older two in daycare as well. Try explaining why you need childcare for a 12 year old and why he can't just stay home for an hour or have everything up and changed on him.

Now come summertime Lucy and Roger will have to go to daycare of some sort. The school system does have summer childcare which reminds me I need to call them. Doing the math sucks, the biggest reason why I have not gone back to work in so long is that the pay never justified it, daycare would always be more than I would make. I had an offer a while back to be an ABA therapist but the pay was min wage. I would have loved to take the job but I would go broke just to do it. This one seems doable childcare can be paid from the base pay and commissions well we will have to see how that goes.

The decision still has not been made if I am going to take the job or not. I have until Monday to make the decision. I probably will and once again I will be redefined to a working mom again.

Today's addition to my previous post:

The cemetery job didn't pan out. The amount of pay to what would be paid out for full time daycare of three kids in the summer just didn't make it work.

The question has come up again. I have a phone interview tonight for a job. Again it is in a therapy clinic as a aba instructor. I would love to be able to do this and I'm not going to get my hopes up yet. I have to make it through the initial interview first.

Not only does the question of daycare come up but this will be a juggling act, work, kids, school, therepy appointments. Oh and a car that is on its last leg. But when it comes down to it. The only way my family can get out of this hole and move up to the next level is for me to find a job where I can move up while also doing something I want to do.

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