Saturday, May 25, 2013

He Said, She Said its all BS

There really is no secret there is a lot of bullshit in the online world. People attacking others they have never met. People taking things to personally. I mean really it is easy to read something and internalize it the wrong way. Well when this happens someone else then has to write a post and it turns into this whole mess. It's the whole he said she said crap all over again. Frankly I'm done I'm staying out of it.

One thing I have had to learn this week was sometimes I just need to step away from the he said she said high school drama and ignore it. Doesn't matter if it's online or in real life. Let people say and believe what they want to. At the end of the day all that matters is I ow the truth and my house is fine.  I'm stepping away from the drama both oline and in real life. The drama almost cost me everything and I just can't go there again.

Here's the thing people seem to forget that the he said, she said does hurt people. Words hurt, words can destroy families. So if your going to open your mouth and say and write something about anyone else be careful because you never know who may be hurt. 

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