Saturday, February 12, 2011

Other People

We all know that our kids or family member's can sometimes do things that annoy other people.  Maybe it doesn't annoy us for the majority of the time because we are used to it and know that they have no control.  Case in point we went to the mall a few days ago for haircuts.  For whatever reason Roger could not sit still while waiting for his haircut.  So he walked in circle outside while he waited and them walked in circles when we were done and waiting for his older cousin to get his cut done.  Part of this I'm sure was because he wanted to go to gamestop which was across the hall and was afraid we were not going to go. 

Later we went back to the cousins house and Roger has a movement disorder.  He has absolutely no control over his movements.  For the most part they are small movements but when he gets anxious or stressed they become more pronounced.  Well he was sitting at the table and he couldn't stop tapping his foot, his cousin was so annoyed she yelled at him to stop, which of course made it worse.  If he tries to stop the movements they get much worse. That was just her frustration at the moment.

I don't blame the other kids when they get annoyed. Rogers brother, sister, and step brother get annoyed when he wont stop doing something, or he is so fixated on something that he's in his own world.  Or how about when they are trying to talk to him and he just wants to talk about what he wants to talk about and it just goes nowhere.  It's a hard thing for kid's to understand and deal with.  As we are working to help Roger we have to remember the other kids need help understanding everything that's going on as well.

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