Monday, February 7, 2011

Plans change

The hardest thing of all is explaining that plans change. Case in point the middle school had an orientation night where a food place was serving food. They had sent the menu home weeks before and Roger had deiced he was going to have chips and queso. When we got there that was not on the menu. Of course hes like but it said , they are supposed to have. Just couldn't get him to understand that for whatever reason the menu had changed. He finally settled for a bag of bbq chips from the vending machine but that was after he wandered the halls for a bit. He had also learned that night that instead of two electives because of a class he may be put in he may only get one elective. He doesn't do well with change but at least we are finding out now and not the first day of school.
We have started trying to have him have a plan b and even a plan c before we go somewhere that way if the plan a doesn't pan out he has already thought of other options. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I heard somewhere that this is a rollarcoaster ride that never ends.

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