Friday, February 18, 2011

Science Project

Roger had a science project due this week.  They were given different options for their presentation and Roger choose a display board.  His chosen topic was nuclear disasters and Chernobyl more specifically.   He spent a lot of time on this project including four hours last night putting it all together.  He was having some trouble with the written parts but in the end the pictures he chose made up for the lack of words.  He basically told the story of Chernobyl in pictures, some of the pictures he choose there are no words to describe.  If anyone has any doubts that he is visual I'm sure they will be gone when they see his project.  He took it to school this morning, so now we just wait to see what his grade is.

Finished project

These are some of the pictures he chose to use on his board. They all came from Chernobyl Today a Creepy Story Told in Pictures


ferries wheel

school hallway

Pictures inside a school after

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