Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The ride

I've have heard this is a roller coaster ride that starts with hearing your child has autism. I think its the same as if you were told your child had any other sort of problem except in our case it is not a death sentence. At the end of it all I have answers and while I'm still on a roller coaster ride I switched rides. After the first ride I was on I will take this one anyday.
The ride during all the testing was bad. After his first MRI I received a call from the neurologist and she said well the movement disorder blurred the films but they saw something we need to do a sedated MRI to see what it is, all we can tell is that it is some sort of cyst and we need to use contrast and see if it lights up. All I could say is what if it does and the response was I don't think it will but if it does we have to look at the possibility of a brain tumor.. Another MRI couldn't be scheduled for almost a month and then two weeks of waiting for results. Luckily we were in the lucky group its a benign cysts that does not affect anything. It didn't light up.
After that they sent us to cardiology who wanted to do an echo-cardiogram and during that the tech left and got a Dr. Asking what is that and pointing to the screen? That Dr. left and got another Dr. They are all talking to each other but not letting me know anything. Finally one of them seemed to realize oh wait mom's right here, sorry to scare you it looks like an extra vein but there is no problem. We do want another more senior cardiologist to read this because I just have never seen this before. They finally call back a week later and say its nothing just an extra vein that has been seen in people and has no effect on him. We just want him to be seen by use once a year to keep checking.
My child has had more tests run on him and has been turned into a pin cushion with Dr.'s looking for what was wrong. We finally know nothing is wrong he has autism so the tests have stoped. My friends all joke well if he has an extra vein on his heart and a cyst in his brain he must have some superpower that we don't know about. Well maybe he should.
Now I'm on a different ride. This is a whole new world where all of the sudden its how affected is your child? Oh he's high functioning (he's in the middle) so you don't really know what autism is. Really we are all looking for the same ting how to help our kids. If they had cancer god forbid we would never say well my kids cancer is worse than yours so I deserve more. Just because my child is not on the severe end does not mean we don't have our struggles they are just different. I have my days where I don't have a clue what I'm doing but I think every parent does, kids don't come with manuals. If I say you could give me a magic pill to make his autism go away I wouldn't do it that would not be my child, that would not be Roger.  I'm not on any side I'm just trying to do whats best for my child. While reading another blog Diary of a Mom she said something along the lines of why are we spending our time hating the disorder when we should spend that time on our child. Or that's how I interpreted what was written.
We all know what it's like to hear yes we can help but our wait list is 8 months long. Or we can't even get a call back.

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