Sunday, September 18, 2011


Everyone knows Roger has always had issues with writing. It is unorganized and hard to understand. We recently started using a visual map (the annoying story maps with all the bubbles and lines we all hated in school). They work. This is just one example of the difference:
Being asked to write a short summary of a book:

without using the visual map:

Artemis Fowl                                           By: Eoin Colfer
Artemis: 12 year old genius
Butler: Artemis’ bodyguard
Juliet: butler’s little sister
He discovers fairies. Gets attacked.  Catches a fairy. Almost gets blown up

Same book but with the map:

Artemis Fowl is a 12 year old genius billionaire boy. He lives in a mansion on an island with Butler (his bodyguard), his mom, and Juliet (Butler’s little sister). His goal is to capture a fairy so he can get more money for his family. His full name is Artemis Fowl the 2nd. His family’s motto is Aurum potestas est (gold is power).

Fowl manor is where pretty much everything happens in this story. It is a 200 acre estate near the city of Dublin, Ireland.  It was built by Lord Hugh Fowl in the 15th century. Fowl manor has several floors including one with prison cells, one with a karate dojo and one with a tech room. The tech room is where Artemis translates fairy language.

Artemis Fowl starts out the story looking for a fairy. He finds one and shoots it with a tranquilizer. He then puts the fairy in one of his prison cells. He sends the other fairies a ransom note for 2000 pounds of gold (1 ton). The fairies then attack Fowl manor with an ogre and a nuke. The fairies end up getting back half of the gold they give him but Artemis survives the fairy nuke.

I did not help him with this other than helping his set up the map.

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