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Seeing Ezra: Book Review and Giveaway

Seeing Ezra: A Mother's Story of Autism, Unconditional Love, and the Meaning of NormalSeeing Ezra: A Mother's Story of Autism, Unconditional Love, and the Meaning of Normal by Kerry Cohen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I was asked if I would like an advance galley copy of this book to read of course I said yes. We don't turn down books in this house. I was prepared to read yet another book from a mom that was from the martyr standpoint. We all know the poor me feel bad for me autism books. This book is not that type of book. The first quote that stood out to me was " Tonight, autism comes into my house and settles into the cushions of my couch. As of tonight, autism is here to stay. It will not be leaving, not ever again." We have all been there. Autism comes and settles into our life and it will never leave.

I was drawn in from the very beginning and read this in one night. From the start you can tell she loves her kids to no end and would do anything for them and not expect anything for doing it. You come to find out that Kerry doesn't care what society thinks she should do she wants what is best for Ezra.

There is more than one story going on yet it flows. Not only is it the story about Ezra but also the story of Kerry's marriage and how it suffers. I have been there when you get so wrapped up in your child and what society thinks you should be doing your spouse kind of slips away.  As she is dealing with testing her husband is slipping into depression. Never did I get the feeling that I should feel not only poor mom, but never poor Ezra.

She briefly talks about some issues she has with her parents. If you have read her book  Loose Girl which I reviewed here  you know what she is talking about and the extent it really went.

Kerry did a brave thing that many parents will not do she told us what she was feeling during the testing sessions. That the therapists are basically nuts and say what you want but many do treat the kids as damaged rather than as kids.  She thought there was a better way to do therapy rather than frustrated the child, and she found therapist that she was comfortable with and walked away from ones she was not. The debacle with the autism school will leave you wondering what the heck happened here, who do these teachers think they are, and reminds you do your homework. Don't forget Frankenmilk. No matter how you feel about autism therapies you must read this book. For once there is a book by a parent that is not about "fixing" but rather acceptance that Ezra is who he is and that is OK.

The quote from the book I leave you with is "If this was a different kind of special needs memoir, I would find the therapy or supplement that makes Ezra all better. I would save him. But that's not our story. The Great feat in Ezra's and my story is that I do nothing. Finally I do noting. I let Ezra be who he is."

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