Friday, March 29, 2013

Autism Speaks, I Want To Say

The 27 minute documentary put out by Autism Speaks is supposed to be what Autistics want to say. Really A$ you got it all wrong. Its nothing more than parents and experts. It starts with a young man using AAC. I was hoping really I was that finally you got the message. Finally you were going to include Autistics in the conversation. Boy did you fail.

After the first young man was shown a "expert" comes on the screen. He says nobody "knows what autism is." "It is a nightmare imposed on children" and that "people are so ignorant that these children suffer." Those are his words not mine. Fear mongering at its finest  You don't say people are ignorant to autism you had him say ignorant to the suffering of  the child. He goes on to autism is on rapid rise and the good old more children will be dx than aids, cancer, and diabetes combined. This makes autism sound like a childhood disease. It's not just children and its not a disease it's a different neurology.

Then the parents and the something is not right. More crying. We don't know what to do. More crying. He's really sweet for a autistic child. You have to learn how to cry. Swallowed by his autism. If they are what they are. That only adds to the perception that there is something wrong, they are hard to deal with and they shouldn't be sweet.

The whole video completely ignores Autistics. Sure they get a few sentences. Of course The parents and the expert are the main focus. Cue the crying mother, cue the experts. Your expert himself says those who have access to technology an and shows great understanding. OK so let them talk. Let them tell us their story. Cue even more crying mothers.

I'm not saying throw the parents to the curb and ignore them but please bring Autistics into the conversation. If you really want to level the playing field talk to Autistics. You want to know what may help a autistic, hey ask them. Stop demonizing Autistics and autism and start talking. Start having real conversations with Autistics. This video was not what AAC users want to say. This was what Autism Speaks wanted to say.

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  1. im singing out if my ass to applaud you (since I haven't seen the sucky film you refer to) but by gum I still know what you mean. yes, It turns out (for me and relatives) that ASD is about coping and trying to teach (with any integrity as it were) kids how to cope with a terribly unreasonable world. Ps- A neuropsych told me to my face that my son "isn't musical. he just likes the vocal vibrations". hmph.
    have been enjoying yr blogs, ty <3