Thursday, March 28, 2013

Light It Up Blue: Not This House

April is almost here. This means the big push to light it up blue. Hey I'll admit it in years past we have done it as well. Most if not all people that do have good intentions. They want to show their support. Really though when you light it blue what are you really supporting? Light it Blue is a Autism Speaks campaign. With any campaign comes fundraising. They sell special blue bulbs at home depot with money going to AS. Build a Bear has a blue bear in April and yep money goes to AS. Multiple fundraisers will be happening and that's right all the money goes to AS. So Light it up blue is not about awareness or acceptance, just another way to make a dime.

I will leave it up to each person to do their own research and decide for themselves but AS does not spend their money well. Very little money goes to directly helping autistic's. Most of it goes to research. You see AS thinks that autism is a disease and that it should be eradicated. Just watch their commercials. They use music and wording that puts autism as a bad thing.

I could go on and on about them but I will save you from my ranting and get back to the blue lights. Like I said I have done it in the past. More because the kids wanted too. Here's my biggest issue with the whole light it up blue. It's the bugs. It's a proven fact that blue bulbs attract bugs. (what color are the lights in bug zapper?) Like insane amounts of bugs. Really AS had to know this with all their scientists  not one went wait hold up this will attract bugs. Just what we all want a bunch of bugs on our door step. I'm sure my neighbors would just love me if I got them to change their bulbs and then they were infested with bugs. Then again maybe I will have them do it so the bugs stay away from house.

That's not a blue porch light it's a bug zapper.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your insight. I am aware everyday that Autism exists so I really don't need a blue light to shine light on it. Interesting about the bugs!! PEACE