Monday, December 30, 2013

Why I Do This!

Wow I have had this blog for almost three years now. Jan 11, 2011 was the first post. It started as an outlet for myself. A way to organize what I was a thinking. Trust me it's organization to me. :) I never expected anyone to read it but you do. Actually quite a few people do. It's amazing an d humbling that anyone would take the time to read what I write. I know I can be all over the place rants and all. Hey I'm pretty sure I have been a asshole at times to. That's part of being human.

As for why I do this. It still is for me. It's a way for me to connect to the outside world. There are a few bloggers ok mainly two that I kind of latched onto when I started the Facebook page.They have   stayed with me for years now and never ran. Sure sometimes they look at me funny like really did you just say that? But overall they are there. To them I am grateful. (Looking at you Homeslice and Captain) there are more now that I call my computer friends but they we're the originals.

I never expected a hundred followers much less the close to 1,500 I have now. Don't get me wrong I'm happy you came, something got your attention, and you stuck around. When it comes down to it though I don't do this for followers. I don't do this for numbers. Even if they dropped to ten tomorrow I would still do this. I'm not in this for popularity. I could care less about being on some best of list. Besides then I might actually have to write for real. That would mean grammar and spelling all that technical stuff.

Anyways her I am three years later and still going. It's interesting to look back and see how I have changed and grown over the years. So I guess here's to more years.

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