Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why We Get The Flu Shot

Alright, I am going here. My kids get the flu shot every year. They have since they were old enough to start. Yes I know all the claims that the is crap in them, that they don't work, and that it gives you the flu. All these claims are false.

I guess I'm more comfortable because I have inside knowledge about them. I know how they are made, how they are tested and what is in them. No not from doctor google, really that guy knows nothing. You see my oldest kids dad, he is a chemical engineer. Actually he works for a drug company. Guess what they do yep they are one ofthe makers of the flu shot. Their version is preservative free. That means no Thermisol (sorry if I spelled that wrong) in it. They are pretty safe. Sure there are some side effects, some people like myself cannot get them, but overall it's very mild.
If there was any reason not to get it he would be the first to call me and say don't do it.

So today when the kids got theirs I just kind of laughed when I saw the box from his company. Sure we have some sore arms around the house today. Much better than the other option. I have seen the other option and it is scary.

When Roger was a year old he had the flu which turned into pneumonia very quickly. A few years later he was officially dx with asthma. He has always had the flu shot every year since then. In 2009 I believe he contracted H1N1 also known as swine flu. There was no vaccine for it that year and it was really bad. I mean they were ready to hospitalize him. He was really sick for a couple of weeks. Luckily it did not turn into pneumonia that time. That was our last round of the flu.

Based on our experiances and my knowledge of the vaccines yes my kids get them every year. Two kids with asthma they need to have them. Asthma and the flu don't mix. Lucy gets it because not only does it protect her it's one more layer to make sure she does not bring it home to her brothers. I don't get it because I am not allowed to. I have had anaphaltic reactions to latex which makes me not a canadate for it.

Anyways at the end of the day everyone chooses what is best for their situation. This is mine. I have seen both sides and I much prefer the sore arm vrs a very sick child.

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