Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We have plenty of broken things around here mainly electronics. The kids computer is missing keys and moves so slow. (that's what I get for buying a Dell, never again), my husbands Ipod wasn't working, and now Rogers ereader is not working.

As for repairs the computer will not be fixed. Dell wants more than it would cost for us to just buy a new one. So for now the kids can deal with a slow computer. I will need to get the situation fixed before school starts though but new ones are so expensive. The Ipod was sent in and fixed very quickly and sent back, but now it is MIA at fedex. Fedex wouldn't talk to me so Apple took over and has been trying to figure out where it is. All fedex told them was they have a large facility and it takes time to sort packages, hmm 15 days at a sorting facility sounds like code for we lost it or someone stole it.
I am in the process of sending Roger's ereader back to be fixed. It is no longer charging we have only had it since March so it should still be working but they seem willing to fix it. We recently had to send Lucy's Nintendo DS in for repairs and they are very fast and painless on repairs.

So what I know now is Dell sucks at repairs, they don't want to help and usually you can't get anyone who speaks English so its just frustrating. Will not use them again.
Apple is awesome at repairs very quick and have been very helpful in this lost package situation.
Kobo I'll let you know once we are done with them.
Nintendo if you have kids yes use them, not only does the equipment have the 1 year warranted if they fix something it resets the 1 year warranted on the product. Also very fast turn around.

***Disclaimer - I bought all the items none were given to us by any company nor was I asked to do this by any company's, This is just my opinion****

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