Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Am I the only one who is dreading summer vaca. It's not because we don't like having our kids around it's trying to keep them busy. You can only go to the pool so much.
I had thought that I would be working so that would mean the kids would be in some sort of daycare, well the job feel through. I need to find something for them to be around other kids. If given the choice Roger would sit at home in his room and read, he would be perfectly happy but alone and he needs to be around other people. I have tried to find social skills groups but they cost so much. I know we will figure something out and I got a week to do it.
Oh and did I mention the summer reading list for this year is 13 pages long. They only have to read a couple but you give Roger a list and he will read them all. Except for Twilight he says you can't pay him to read that one (I don't blame him it sucked)

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