Friday, June 24, 2011

one step forward and 2 back

I FINALLY found an OT for Roger.  Insurance will pay yay (happy dance) and the wait list is less than 3 weeks.  Most of you know how amazing that is in itself. The other 3 lists we are on are over 6 months long.  While I finally get this worked out his speech theripist has informed me that she is switching clinics at the end of July and at that point we will be put back on the wait list. They don't know when a replacement will come in for her and what that persons caseload will look like so at the end of July we will be back at the end of an insanly long wait list.
I do believe the place that will be doing his OT does speech as well, I will find out and if so maybe move him there. I mean if I have to change therapist anyways.
Sometimes it just seems like once we get one thing worked out something else falls apart.

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