Friday, June 3, 2011


Lucy and I are going camping with the girl scouts this weekend. No its not the cabin sort its the tent sort.  You would think all the preparations would be for her but nope they are for me. Besides the normal packing change of clothes, sleeping bag, flashlights, stuff like that we add my list also known as my insurance policy:
  • Epipen (trust me do not want to be without this if I get stung wont be pretty)
  • List of phone numbers to give to leader My husbands cell, sis in law and bro in laws numbers too. (one of them has got to answer right)
  • leave directions to get to camp for husband
Now I figure if I have this I won't need it.  It has always worked in the past.  Only had to use the darn pen once and it hurts by the way.  If you ever wanted to know if you are allergic to bees you are also allergic to Portuguese man a wars, only man a wars hurt a heck of a lot more. The being stung is a story for another day.

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  1. Sounds painfull.

    Hope your trip goes well :)