Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another Moving Story: Death of The Van

Our van had started overheating about a month before we moved, so it had not been driven at all. The water pump went out and it was affecting the timing belt. Husband can fix most things but he won't touch a timing belt too big of a pain. Fast forward to moving day. We had to be out and we knew we had to get the van of the property as well. I could just see the last guy having it towed to a impound lot. We decided I would drive it. It was going ok we got on the highway and made it about a exit before it really started to overheat. We got off at the next exit where the wear house is and knew they would let me park in their back lot. Good plan except for the hill you have to drive up. Going to the turn my brakes decided they didn't want to work almost went into the back of the moving truck but got it to stop, then as I'm attempting to drive up the hill the timing belt gives out completely. Lucy is with me this whole time. Husband was able to inch it up the hill nd get it into the back lot where it still sits today until we can get it to the scrap yard. Poor Lucy was freaking out the whole time saying shouldn't we just get out of the car. Umm no you stay put in your seatbelt until we get off the road. Pet peeve of mine is when people breakdown on the highway or other busy road and take their children out of the car. Unless your car is on fire everyone stay in the car with seatbelts until help arrives. You have a better chance of surging if someone does lose control and come off the road with some protection of the car than if you are just standing on the side of the road. This was just another drama filled story fom our move.

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