Monday, July 16, 2012

The move continues

We know have all of our stuff in the house. Most of it is unpacked, there's a few boxes left and I need to get the bedrooms put together. The new landlord has already said he loves that he finally rented to someone who is OCD about taking care of the place, I.e. I can't stand to have it a mess. A little clutter is ok but looking like I belong on borders drives me crazy. The kids and the dog like it here too. Apparently my dog is not a city dog. We move him out here and he is calm even goes outside with no lease and doesn't leave the property. Roger has not taken his sleep meds (melatonin) since we moved in. Here there is no chance of someone just walking in and no parties upstairs like the last place so his anxiety is really low. Lots of room for the kids to run around they actually have room to ride their bikes and not be in traffic. The only issue I have is the kitchen floor it is just gross. The previous tenets never mopped there is jus layers and layers of dirt. I have mopped several times and can't get it up. Does anyone know how to clean lame ate floor? I have tried mr. Clean and bleach but can't get the last layer of dirt up.


  1. Great news on the move. Try throwing a little baking soda on it with some cleanser. The slight abrasive effect should be just enough to get that last layer of ick up.

  2. I've tried the magic erasers and if that doesn't work some comet or something with some grit and bleach. I'll let the bleach sit on there for a bit and sometimes that gets the dirt out.