Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Move Part 1: Drama of Moving Day

Well we survived the move. It was a bit dramatic in the end. The drama has nothing to do with the move. Roger was on vaca with his dad so he missed it all. If you remember we rented a basement from my boss. The weekend before there was a huge storm, power and phones were down for days. Ours came back Sunday afternoon. Anyways I never called boss to check in really when the whole area is out of power the last thing anyone is going to do is call for a moving company. Fast forward to Monday morning 8am. I get a phone call yelling at me for not calling, so and so called me 5 times blah blah blah. All lies btw I know so and so and he said I never called him. He was just in a lecture mood and really I was done with the holier than though attitude. As he was going off about me not being on he phones (which were down) I cut him off mid sentence and told him where he could put his phones I quit and hung up. Called husband told him what I did and that we were moving today. We hd plann to move on Wed. A few min later his kid comes down with the checkbook questioning a check I wrote for reimbursement for three trips my husband had made and paid for out of our pockets because the company didn't give him any or enough money. Anyways he flips out over this and says he is going to stop payment the check and he would discuss what was approved spending and what wasn't. All was company not personal expense. I called husband and told him what was said. 5 min later I get a call from husband finish packing I'm getting a truck we are out today I just quit. You don't mess with my money. After we both said we would go to the labor board the check was honored and currently husband is still working until he finds another job. I will not go back. Gotta say we packed and loaded a truck and got it to the new house that day. Some stuff was left that we went back and got on Wed. Now we just have to finish unpacking.

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