Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Interesting Morning

We have had an interesting morning. Husband leaves at 6:30ish for work. Around 7am someone rang the doorbell for the first time, I didn't answer I never do that early in the morning. 7:30am they ring again this time I answer the door and noone is there (I think dumb kids playing around no big deal). 7:45am it rings again ok now I'm getting annoyed I open the door no one is there but someone is lurking around in our trees, hmm maybe a salesperson? I tell Lucy who is the only one up not to open the door. 8:00am it rings again OK now I'm pissed enough is enough. Lucy looks out her bedroom window and says mom the Sheriff is out front. I throw on shoes and walk out to speak with him.

As I walk to the of my drive I hear he is talking with someone and telling them you can't be doing this, I don't care why. For all you know they have a gun and will shot you, just so you know they'd be well within their rights to shoot you. Umm OK.

As I approach the Sheriff comes to me, I know how it goes I stop and let him come to me and make sure he can see my hands. He brings this guy over he's late teens early 20's over and asks do you know him? I see the kid has some sort of name tag on and I say nope never seen him before, but if you are from the buy here pay here or payday loan place the previous residents moved a month ago stop bugging me. The Sheriff gets a little smirk on his face and says no ma'am he was looking for his "girlfriend" he says he doesn't have her number. Of course I have to laugh at that a bit. Neither off us bought the girlfriend line he also didn't know her name.

The kid apologizes for ringing the doorbell and I tell him look it's fine that you were looking for someone no harm no foul, but ringing my bell several times this early in the morning is a bit obsessive. Had my husband been here he would have opened the door and punched you, or chased you down when you were lurking in our trees.  Once again Sheriff and his smirk.

This all ended with the Sheriff asking if I wanted to press charges, I told him I'll save you the paperwork not this time. He told the kid to get in his car and leave. He was also told by the Sheriff "I better not see you around here again". Told me if you see him again give us a call.
I guess one of my neighbors saw him pacing up and down my drive, lurking in trees, just acting strangely and knew he wasn't anyone they had seen before so they called the cops. Husband says locks will be changed today.

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