Wednesday, July 25, 2012

No Guile & Mama's Turn Go to the Farm

Today we went to the farm. While yes it was for the kids I got to hang out with Mama's Turn Now. You should really check out her blog. Her son Jay and Roger hit it off. They were talking video game talk and found out they like the same games and the same shows Dr. Who anyone? Being we were there with other autism families well they didn't seem so weird, more like the couple of NT families were the weird ones. :) I will just tell you about it in pictures. (since I finally ahve a computer again and I can do that again) Overall everyone had a great time, and i found out I'm not the only one that has ever said no you cannot read today.
This is us.

Hay Ride
The Maze. They had a bamboo maze this is where Jay and Roger found bamboo sticks.
The Bridge this is where one of the boys lost his bamboo stick sword fighting. Normal response to what was the lesson "don't sword fight on a bridge you might lose your sword. The response we got don't reenact scense from Indiana Jones. Umm OK
They had big and fast slides here. I went on one it was kind of scary.
One of the many cutouts there, this one is Ice Cream. Mama's turn said this would be the only time she would be vaniella because theres nothing vaniella about them. Grace's response were more like rocky road.
The Boys yes they are all talking about some game or show who knows.


  1. LOVE THIS POST!!! Loved meeting you all too! MUST DO AGAIN SOON and yes that all deserved to be capitalized as I was YELLING IT! LOL Your family was lovely!

  2. Looks like a good time was had by all!! Wonderful.

    See...autistic children DO SMILE (contrary to what we were told by pediatrician on more than 5 visits while trying to get our diagnosis of 'A')

    Dexter, MO