Monday, April 4, 2011

This is Our Autism

This is our autism. The one thing I have learned is everyone's experience is different.  What it does to Roger is really affects his social skills. well lets face it they are almost completely lacking.  He fixates on things and that can be a problem when what you are fixated on everyone around you has outgrown. He also did not get diagnosed until 11.  It happens people.  Everyone seems to focus on early intervention and catching it ear;y well what are those of us who don't know until they are older supposed to do?
What it is NOT:
It is not a get out of jail free card. I understand the impulse control is off at times but really he needs to learn to control them. You don't get to use autism as a excuse to fail. I was given an option at one point in time to let missing assignments slid. No hold him responsible. Yes he learns differently, yes his organization sucks but with help he can do it.
I refuse to just step back and believe ok my kid has autism so he can't do this this or this. Yes things are harder but really If you judge someone on everything they can't do you are missing everything they can do. If he was in an accident no one would expect me to sit back and give up and say well now you can't do this so why should I sit back and let this take over my child.
Yes autism is part of our life and it sucks sometimes, it is part of Roger and I'm going to stand with him on the idea that it is nothing to be ashamed of. Lets focus on all the positive things and help them learn to cope with the things they have trouble with.

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