Monday, April 25, 2011

White House

Here's a Reminder* We invite you to view live streaming of part of the White House’s event in observance of Autism Awareness Month.

The live streamed portion of the event is TODAY from 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM Eastern.
Ok well you have to scroll past all the egg roll stuff (which the whole thing will be streamed live). I'm not trying to be downer but lets be realistic this was planned. I doubt the President will even show up at the conference as he will be busy with the egg roll. Hmm I'm sure they knew when the egg roll was when they scheduled this.  Once again lip service that I can't help but think was meant to pacify the autism community to gain more votes next year. Not one news station in the district has reported on the conference all news is on the egg roll with 20k kiddos coming they overshadow anything else going on today, I don't expect full coverage but a little blurb would be nice. Just as any of the other special conference's going on today or any day should get a little blurb as well. Lets hope I'm wrong, but if history speaks for itself this really was to pacify and gain votes not really to do anything. 
Just because the common comment is you can't expect the government to do everything.  No I do not expect them to do anything, Us parents are the biggest advocate's for our kids until they can begin to advocate for themselves no matter the issues we all may face.  What I don't like is being used for a vote. It would be better to be ignored to completely. If you want to have your conference and me to believe you be open about it get it on the news or even headline it on your website not bury it.  When things are buried and hard to find it makes me think more lip service and something to add to your speeches on the campaign trail.

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