Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Appointment Fun

Hey I call it fun when I make 4 appointments at once. First I had to make Roger's follow up in cardiology (they want to watch that extra vein in his heart) that's once a year. At least the hospital knew who I had seen before I have long since forgotten that was a year and about a hundred doctors ago. That one was easy.
Then I move on to neurology, that was really easy he's established and I knew what month I even got options for appointments here.
Now we move on to audiology. I guess he needs a hearing test of some sort something to do with auditory processing. Anyways that was a transfer and transfer again on the third transfer they finally said why do they keep sending you to me? I don't know I just thought y'all liked the transfer button.

After audiology I moved on to occupational therapy. The multiple transfers from audiology was nothing compared to OT I was transferred between the same two clinics no fewer than 9 times prob more, finally someone that can set an appt comes on and guess what I need a referral. This would have been nice to know oh I don't know 20 min ago before you transfered me all over the state.
So now I have to make an apt with our primary to get an OT order just to be put on a 6 month ot wait list. yippee.
yep that's what i look like after all them phone calls.

see that was fun wasn't it.


  1. Roflmbo you sound like me trying to set up appointments for my son and my older mother.. fun fun fun.. then she says I need to get a check up and I am like and when prey tell do I have time for my own health??

  2. right?!? when do we have time for anything. I do my school work at like midnight.

  3. I hate those option mazes.
    Stopping by from FMBT to say hello and follow.
    Have a great day!