Thursday, May 5, 2011


This is very disturbing to me:  callous disregard
That link is going to take you to a blog entry about the suspension of a medical doctor in Maryland. This doctor also hold licenses in many other states and is connected to a known autism center. Court docs have the names.  He took advantage of desperate parents and put their children at risk.  Through the blog you can see the actual court papers and the charges against him.
To sum it up he was giving a drug called Lupron to children. This drug is not approved in kids and is mainly a prostate cancer drug. It is also used to chemically castrate sex offenders. It will affect the development of ovaries and testes and is not approved for use in autism.  in 7 of the 9 cases examined the kids had autism, it was always stated that they had early puberty (the only approved use for Lupron in kids) even though none of them did.  One of the doctors statements from the court papers in regard to using Lupron in kids is just chilling "If you want to call it a nasty name, call it chemical castration. If you want to call it something nice, say you are lowering testosterone" 
I will let you read the other blog post and court papers yourself.

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