Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Eligibility Day

Today is our eligibility meeting with the school for services, well actually its the 3rd or 4th one. Last year he didn't qualify because they said they did not know what to do so I went and found out. The second meeting they wanted to ignore all the private evals that were done. I guess it's hard to have it pointed out that your speech only did a partial evaluation not a full one so she missed ALOT!! Met with the school psychologist and it sounds as if she is willing to push harder for the IEP not another 504 that they don't follow and really it doesn't do a thing for him. Some of the ideas they came up with at the last meeting months ago we tried but they didn't work but they want to keep trying it. So we are hoping that he is found eligible and can get an IEP at this meeting. If not I guess we go to the school board next. 
I already had school officials tell me social skills are not important, umm ok.

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