Friday, May 27, 2011

long day

Yesterday was a long day.  First IEP meeting those are always fun. Only had to yell once. Please do not tell me everything is a team decision blah blah blah repeatedly I eventually will go off.  It went something like excuse me I am a member of this team and what I have to say should be looked into. This is my child and I know him better than anyone in this room. That stopped the stupid this is a team decision crap. Hey its not the best IEP but it works. If you have ever sat through an IEP meeting you know afterwards you are done. Lets just say I didn't have to picked up from the police station good right?
A couple of days ago we started having trouble with the internet so I called the cable company and they sent someone out.  Well I forgot he was comming last night oopppss at least we were home.
What started as a bad cable modem needing replaced turned into the whole house being rewired.  Of course while the TV is going in and out while the rewiring is being done there has to be something on that Roger just must watch now.  Had he shown up while kids were in school it just would have been the modem.  Lucky for me new netflix movies had come in so I could distract with the DVD player instead.
But now everything is fixed and my internet is up and running a lot faster than it ever has. Thanks cable guy.

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